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Flint Area Insight

  • Kimberly Altenritter
    RE/MAX Select
    The City of Flint has had its ups and downs this past few years, but the area called The Bricks is thriving again. If you happen to be in the area at lunch, you will notice the restaurants are full of business professionals, hospital staff, and students from the University of Michigan Flint. The weekends are full of events and festivals booked all spring, summer, and fall bringing people downtown. The old abandoned buildings are now luxury apartments, law offices, or new restaurants. I was on my way downtown and took this picture heading downtown to go to Jack's Stache, a local record store that beyond exceeded my expectations for getting some vintage records. The city is slowly growing its way back to prosperity. Investors always say "buy low and sell high," and if you are lucky, you might be able to still get a little piece of downtown Flint.
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    Flint, MI
    Great nightlife, family-friendly, and fantastic restaurants.
  • John Nemetz
    This is definitely one of our regular spots. They have a nice selection, the prices are good and the serving sizes are enormous. This a great choice if you are looking at entertaining a group of people.
  • The original Flint Farmers' Market opened for business in 1920 and was located just outside of town near the banks of the Flint River and was a great success bringing vendors in from the outlying areas to sell fresh produce and meats. The location had several expansions and growth and had been ranked as one of the best Farmers Markets in the country.

    In June of 2014, after 94 years at the original location the market was moved and opened at the brand new site in downtown Flint and features upgraded booths, restaurants, stores, food wagons and meeting rooms, a bookstore and more! The current location is within walking distance to the new campus of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, University of Michigan-Flint, several local restaurants, night clubs and student housing.

    In 2014, the new Flint Farmers' Market was voted #25 out of 101 of the Best Farmer's Markets in the country! We really like to go there on a Saturday when the vendor booths are full and the market is packed. It is really becoming a great meeting spot!
  • Every year the Bikes on the Bricks celebration in Downtown Flint gets bigger and bigger!
    The Bricks are in reference to a stretch of Saginaw Street In Downtown Flint that extends from Court Street to the Flint River. It is paved with red bricks dating back to the turn of the century.

    This three day event features a police escort ride, bike show, fashion show, stunt competition, vendors and the famous law enforcement skills competition. Police officers come from all over to participate. Enjoy food, live bands and more bikes than you can possibly imagine in Downtown Flint!
  • Everyone from Flint loves a Halo Burger and what could go better with a Halo Burger than Vernor's! The two have gone hand-in-hand for generations! Flint's most famous coney island has many locations, but the original is still going strong in Downtown Flint. Next to the famous building is the Vernor's mural, located on the exterior wall of the Greater Flint Art Council. The mural was painted in 1932 and is still enjoyed today!
  • One of the biggest races in the country, The Crim Festival of races attracts around 60,000 people each year and has about 15,000 participants from all over the world. I personally cheer for the Kenyans!

    Bobby Crim launched the first Bobby Crim Road Race in 1977 with his administrative assistant, Lois Craig, as a fundraiser for Special Olympics Michigan. Gerry Myers, CEO of the Crim Fitness Foundation, praises Crim as someone who embodies a commitment to health and his dedication to reach others to promote community involvement.

    There are many races throughout the day starting with hand cyclists, then 30 year runners. After those, the main race starts followed by 8k and 5k Walk/Runs ending with the children's Teddy Bear Trot! It is a great event with lots of fun, even for those who don't race!
  • One of the best things about Genesee County and the City of Flint is the Flint River! The Flint River has always attracted people due to its rich supply of wildlife. Later, corporations built along the river. In 1973, the Clean Water Act set regulations for corporations, the results of which are being realized today.

    Wildlife, including bald eagles, has returned to the river and people come from all over to see them. The water is clean and is currently the drinking water source for the residents of the City of Flint until the Karegnondi pipeline is completed. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Flint River for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.
  • Suzi Stemper
    RE/MAX Select
    Having just had the 4th of July holiday, which my hubby was finally off work for, we went driving around in Genesee County. It really is a nice place to live. We went to a wonderful new place, the Flint Farmer's Market. We ate lunch there and went over to Goodrich to our son's home for a cook out and fireworks! On the drive over, I noticed all the United States flags on people's homes and lawns. What true pride I felt for our country! Oh, we have our problems, in our country as well as in Michigan, but we also have many great people who live in every area of our country. You know the ones who love God and their families. I thought of all the men and women who have kept our country safe on this 4th of July. Thank God and thank you America!
  • Ryan Eashoo
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    Flint, MI
    The Spencers Art House Project is a wonderful project that is rejuvenating a part of the Carriage Town Historic District. The Spencer’s Art House is an alternative art space and design incubator which will help promote Art, Historic Preservation, Green Alternatives and building a sense of community in Downtown Flint. The old funeral home will be renovated to serve as a Hub for the Art community. A renovated funeral home with a ground floor planned for exhibitions, meeting space, and a performance stage, an outdoor screening area and garden, and studios for visiting artists, the Art House will be a Midwest regional center for contemporary public art initiatives organized by Flint Public Art Project and other groups. The art community is a huge part of the rebirth of Downtown Flint and Carriage Town.
  • Ryan Eashoo
    The Carriage Town Historic Home Fair is a great place to start looking to buy a historic home. This tour showcases four to seven historic homes that have been renovated, along with some great businesses that thrive in the district. During the home fair, you can talk to a mortgage lender who specializes in historic homes, talk to a realtor familiar with historic homes and view the beautiful homes inside and out. Carriage rides, old fashion lemonade stands and antique sales are just some of the things to see and do.
  • Ryan Eashoo
    Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood is Flint's best kept secret. Carriage Town is a local historic district that was established in 1982 by civic minded individuals to preserve Flint's rich automotive past. The Carriage Town name best describes the majority of extant housing built when Flint was the Carriage Capitol of the United States and World. This housing sheltered workers who had no choice but to walk to work. It was also home to many auto pioneers such Buick, Durant, Nash and more. Many of its workers and management lived in the neighborhood between 1876 and 1920. The success of the carriage manufacturers in Flint lead to Flint being named the “Vehicle City” in 1905. The Carriage Town Historic District’s boundaries are the Flint River on the south, Fifth Avenue on the north, Begole Street and Atwood Stadium on the west, and North Saginaw Street on the East. Carriage Town is home to great small businesses such as The Good Beans Cafe, Vogt's Flowers, Soggy Bottom Bar, Witherbee's Market, Hoffman's Deco Deli, The Durant, Berridge Apartments, La Familia Mexican Restaurant and much more. The neighborhood is also seeing a rebirth of historic renovations, lofts, apartments and many people moving into the neighborhood.
  • A visit to the Flint area would not be complete without a trip to Angelo's Coney Island. Open since 1949 the name Angelo's has become synonymous with Coney!
    Known for their famous Flint style sauce and Kogel's Franks, Angelo's is reputed to have the best Coney's in town, and many feel, in the state.
    With its diner atmosphere, including booths and counter seating, you never know who you will see eating there. Many local politicians and celebrities often eat there for lunch and dinner.

    If you are a novice, when ordering, just ask for "2 UP" (2 Coney Island hot dogs, loaded!)
  • Vintage US 23 Drive-In was built in 1951. This drive-in has been in operation for over 60 years and is very popular statewide!
    The Drive-in features three screens and around 1200 spots for cars. Also a playground area and a full concession stand.
    Meeting friends, sitting in lawn chairs, sharing popcorn, watching movies, and chasing kids around makes for a nostalgic night!
    During the Back to The Bricks car cruise festivities US 23 Drive-In hosts a movie night for vintage cars and others that is really fun to see!
  • Suzi Stemper
    RE/MAX Select
    What can be more American then apple pie and Coney dogs? All around the City of Flint there are great places to get the pie and all the dogs you want. If you want fresh dogs....you can stop in Flint Township at the Koegel's and get fresh hot dogs for your home cook outs. Great places to visit and live with good old American apple pie and Coney dogs....with homemade chili
  • Suzi Stemper
    RE/MAX Select
    The Children's Museum is has great programs. It's a hands on place where kids can learn about all sorts of things like flying, gardens, animals and shapes. And they can climb a big wall! Many people come from all over the county to enjoy this museum. Grandparents like myself love to take our "babies" there. It's such a fun place. They don't have to be quiet, stay still or stay clean! I've visited the Children's Museum in Wilmington, Delaware, where my grandson lives. We have visited the one in Philadelphia, also. The Flint Museum compares nicely to these "bigger cities". From one Grammy to others, take your grandbabies here...it's so much fun. The joy you see in their eyes is a little bit of heaven....right here in our city.
  • Suzi Stemper
    RE/MAX Select
    Ask Suzi a question about Flint.
    Flint, MI
    Back to the Bricks in downtown Flint...what a great time runs through Saginaw street from Grand Blanc, Michigan to downtown. Awesome cars, food and music. Then there is the Back to the Bricks with motorcycles right after...music on the streets, art shows. Children museum and many other places to go as a family. The Crim race is a whole weekend of fun, health and the whole city comes out for the races....Great place to work and live
  • Award winning Farmers Market is open year round on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It features fresh meats, turkey, vegetables, bakery crafts and more!
  • The Flint Cultural Center is home to the Whiting Auditorium, Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium, Flint Youth Theatre, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Institute of Music and Buick Automotive Gallery
  • Powers Catholic High School has moved to its new location. The move involved the massive renovation of the former campus of Michigan School for the Deaf. The two schools are now located next to each other, both being near Kettering University and the intersection of I-75 and I-69. The campus also is near Woodcroft Estates, Glendale Hills Subdivision and Mott Park Subdivision. Powers is committed to the community and is part of the revitalization of the City of Flint.
  • The City of Flint is proud to be home of Michigan School for the Deaf. The school, which can trace its beginnings back to 1848, also provides housing for their year-round students. The 2013 school year began in the new state-of -the-art building. Michigan School for the Deaf is one of the gems of Michigan.
  • Flint Children's Museum, founded in 1986, has been a cultural institution committed to the needs and interests of children. There are many hands-on learning opportunities here! I was there recently with my son's school field trip. What a great place to take the kids!! They all had an awesome time. Admission is $6 for anyone over age 1.

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