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  • The iconic and breathtaking Torch Lake was once named the third-most beautiful lake in the world by National Geographic magazine for its crystal clear waters and jewel-like shades of blue and green. It is Michigan's very own slice of the Caribbean. At 19 miles long, Torch Lake is Michigan's longest inland lake. It is a popular all sports lake to fish featuring Lake Trout, Rock Bass, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Muskellunge, Pike, Ciscoes, Brown Trout, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and Whitefish.

    Torch Lake flows into the Torch River, which flows into Lake Skegemog, which opens into Elk Lake. Elk Lake flows into the east arm of Grand Traverse Bay at Elk Rapids. This watershed is popularly known as the Chain of Lakes and is surrounded by quaint little towns such as Elk Rapids, Kewadin, Alden, and Torch Lake. These qualities combined have made the lake a popular spot for the development of resorts and second homes.
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    Kewadin, MI
    Just north of Elk Rapids, buried in a place that feels ancient and important, is Stone Circle. At first glance, it's nothing but boulders arranged in three giant circles around a fire-pit; come back on a Saturday night during the summer, though, and you'll discover a thrumming, passionate, living organism held together by a community of poets, performers, musicians, storytellers, and listeners.

    Stone Circle is the fruit of local legend Terry Wooten's long years of labor. It is a place unlike any other - where people collect to recite Chaucer, Whitman, and Silverstein. Listeners both young and old sit huddled around the fire together, and many will stand up and try their hand at sharing a story, poem, or song. Deep in our hearts, we visitors to Stone Circle know this is a magnificent and rewarding way to share these words and tales we love.

    The space itself is a callback to ancient Celtic stone circles, where performances were staged for the whole town. It reminds some of us of simpler times when we could sit in the living room listening to radio dramas, our imaginations running wild. These days, Stone Circle is an oasis in a chaotic world where we put our troubles aside and listen, rapt and enthralled. It's living history preserved, and it's an opportunity to sit amongst friends and neighbors to share the poetry of our lives. Nothing else in the area even comes close.

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