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Downtown Lansing Area Insight

  • The Michigan State Capitol building stands as a testament to our state's rich history, proudly serving as the third capitol building. When the decision was made to move the state capitol from Detroit to Lansing, a temporary structure was hastily erected. However, the grandeur of the permanent capitol building that graces us today was brought to life by the visionary architect Elijah E. Myers, and its construction took place from 1872 to 1878, showcasing the timeless Renaissance and Classic Revival architectural styles.

    A defining feature of this architectural masterpiece is its magnificent cast iron dome, which was a groundbreaking addition at the time. Step inside, and you'll be greeted by the breathtaking main floor rotunda, offering an awe-inspiring view of the dome's intricately designed interior. This historic building officially opened its doors on January 1st, 1879, and has been at the heart of Michigan's governance ever since, brimming with stories and echoes of the past.

    Situated in the heart of Lansing, the area surrounding the Capitol has blossomed into a vibrant center of business, commerce, and culture. Lansing thrives with a wealth of festivals, parades, and events that infuse the city with vitality and energy, making it a dynamic destination for residents and visitors alike.

    Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Michigan State Capitol Building, a true architectural marvel and a living testament to our state's enduring legacy. Immerse yourself in its history, revel in its beauty, and discover the thriving heart of Lansing that beats in its vicinity. Come and experience the magic of Michigan's Capitol!
  • Discreetly nestled in the heart of Downtown Lansing, Lansing Brewing Company is your quintessential gathering spot, waiting to be discovered. If you're in search of an exceptional experience, look no further. Lansing Brewing Company boasts a diverse selection of craft brews and a tantalizing food menu that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

    Whether you prefer the cozy ambiance of their dining room, the convivial atmosphere at the bar, or the fresh outdoors on their inviting patio, Lansing Brewing Company promises a truly distinctive experience that caters to your preferences.

    Founded in 1897, Lansing Brewing Company holds a rich history as one of the pioneering breweries in Lansing. Its signature Amber Cream Ale once held the hearts of locals, establishing it as a beloved establishment until its unfortunate closure in 1914, driven by the influence of local Prohibitionists.

    In a remarkable resurrection, Lansing Brewing Company reopened its doors in 2015, rekindling the spirit of the past by reintroducing the legendary Amber Cream Ale as part of its entire lineup of craft beers. Today, it stands as a beacon of taste and tradition, inviting you to savor the same exceptional brews that once graced Lansing's beer scene.

    Unearth the hidden gem of Lansing Brewing Company, where history meets craft in the heart of Downtown Lansing. Join us for an unforgettable experience, and discover why this brewery is truly a unique find. Explore Lansing Brewing Company, where the past and present seamlessly blend in a celebration of flavor and tradition.
  • Discover the dynamic energy of Downtown Lansing – your ultimate destination for a lively urban experience. From a diverse array of dining options to thrilling shopping and entertainment venues, Downtown Lansing truly encapsulates the essence of city living. Immerse yourself in a wealth of exciting events in the heart of Downtown Lansing, including the much-anticipated Be A Tourist in Your Own Town event, the festive Easter Egg Hunt on Capitol Lawn, and the captivating Capitol City Film Festival.

    Sports enthusiasts will delight in the Crosstown Showdown, which heralds the beginning of baseball season for the Lugnuts, while beer lovers can relish the spirited Beerfest at the Ballpark. Engage in community initiatives like Adopt a River and The Mayors River Walk, and discover how you can positively impact the local environment.

    The vibrant calendar continues with must-attend events such as the delectable Taste of Downtown, the bustling Farmer's Market at the Capitol, the enchanting Silver Bells in The City, the festive Trick or Treat on the Square, the jovial Frost Fest, and an array of other enriching experiences that showcase the diversity of Lansing's offerings.

    When summer arrives, bask in the ambiance of free lunchtime concerts at Reutter Park, conveniently located across from the downtown library. Enjoy an hour of live music and relaxation during your workweek, adding a touch of leisure to your routine.

    Discover why Lansing holds a unique place in Michigan, offering a vibrant lifestyle and many attractions catering to diverse interests. Explore Lansing's vibrant urban oasis and unlock a world of excitement and exploration!
  • Kelly Hude
    RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals
    A hidden gem, nestled in Downtown Lansing, the Lansing Brewing Company is a great place to get together. Lansing Brewing Company offers a full line of craft brews and a creative food menu, sure to entice your taste buds! Enjoying the comfort of their dining room or relaxing at the bar or on the patio, you're sure to find Lansing Brewing Company is a very unique find!

    Opening in 1897, Lansing Brewing Company was one of the first breweries in Lansing where its signature Amber Cream Ale was a local favorite bring popularity to the brewery until it closed its doors in 1914, due to local Prohibitionists. Reopened in 2015, the Lansing Brewing Company has resurrected the Amber Cream Ale in their full line of craft beers.
  • Kelly Hude
    RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals
    The Michigan State Capitol building is the third capitol building in our state. When the state capitol was moved from Detroit to Lansing a temporary building was built. The permanent capitol building was built by architect Elijah E Myers from 1872-1878 in the Renaissance or Classic Revival style. The building was one of the first state capitols to be adorned by a beautiful cast iron dome. Inside, the main floor rotunda features a beautiful and impressive view of the dome's ornate interior. The building opened January 1st of 1879 and has been in use since.

    Located in the heart of Lansing, business and commerce has grown around the capitol. Lansing flourishes with many festivals, parades, and events.
  • Faith Steller
    RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals
    If you're looking for a lively downtown feel, you have found it. Downtown Lansing is the place to be and has everything from dining, shopping, and entertainment. So many great events happen in the Downtown Lansing area including Be A Tourist in Your Own Town, Easter Egg Hunt on Capitol Lawn, The Capitol City Film Festival, Crosstown Showdown (starts off baseball season for the Lugnuts), Beerfest at the Ballpark, Adopt a River, The Mayors River Walk, Taste of Downtown, The Farmer's Market at the Capitol, Trick or Treat on the Square, Sliver Bells in The City, Frost Fest, and more.

    In the summer, there are free concerts in Reutter Park at lunchtime across from the downtown library. Enjoy a relaxing hour of live music mixed into the normal workweek. From Impressions 5 Science Center to the R.E. Old Transportation Museum all the way to the Lansing City Market, there is something to offer everyone. Lansing is just a great place in Michigan!
  • Downtown Lansing has been through several years of infrastructure improvements and as a result of the attention placed on it and the improvements several large scale opportunities are coming to fruition. Established in 1996, the capital city's Central Business District contains over 1,000 businesses in a 64 block area. The district is bounded by St. Joseph Street on the south, the east side of Capitol Avenue to the west, Larch Street on the east and Shiawassee Street to the north.

    What's the latest commercial real estate development going on downtown? It's the Knapp's Centre. A $36 million renovation of the former J.W. Knapp's Department Store at the corner of Washington Square and Washtenaw Street in downtown Lansing. Meridian Township-based Eyde Co. is converting the 1930's art deco building into a mixed-use center with offices, retail space, apartments and a fashion-based small business incubator called The Runway. There are many more exciting things on the horizon for downtown with several new apartments planned as well as many exciting new restaurants.

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